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JAQ therapy - enabling positive change
Hypnotherapy is simply a means of relaxing our mind and body to open our powerful subconscious to receive positive suggestions.

We naturally enter a trance-like state several times a day, for example when we simply ‘stare into space’ or just day-dream. It’s a way for our busy conscious minds to take a back seat for a few moments and allow our sub-conscious to come to the fore.

In hypnotherapy, you won’t ‘go under’ or feel ‘hypnotised’. In fact you will be aware and conscious throughout the session yet remain wonderfully relaxed. Hypnotherapy cannot make you do anything against your will.

It can work where other treatments may have failed:-

Weight loss: The word ‘diet’ suggests denial of food so our subconscious starts to remind us that we are being denied the food we love. Hypnotherapy will gently re-programme your mind so you can improve your relationship with food and stop linking emotions to eating to bring about long lasting results.

Phobias: you will acquire new coping strategies so irrational fears will diminish.

Anxiety and panic attacks: triggers for panic attacks are eliminated and stress levels reduced enabling you to live your life free from anxiety.

Chronic pain: diverting the focus away from the source of pain, helping you cope more easily.

Confidence and self-esteem: You may find yourself being held back by lack of confidence. By restoring your self-image, your confidence will grow, helping you achieve your goals. .